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Racelogic Video Vbox

I am a UK Agent for all of Racelogic products, so if you are interested in purchasing a Video Vbox or any of the Racelogic products please contact me for advice and pricing on:

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Special Offers

I am currently offering free installation when you purchase a vbox through me and book a coaching day (the vbox will be installed at the beginning of the coaching day).


What is a Video VBox?

The Racelogic Video Vbox is a very impressive tool and aids hugely with track instruction and race coaching. Using the Video Vbox, drivers can compare and overlay their own data and onboard video either against themselves, or against a race instructor such as myself. This adds many benefits to a track instruction day and you will get far more out of a track day using a Video Vbox and the accompanying Circuit Tools software.

Gone are the days when a race instructor needs to say "I think", as now using the Racelogic Vbox they can be certain. Using the Circuit Tools software you are able to quickly overlay speed, Longitudinal and Lateral G, along with a simple to use Delta time showing exactly where you are losing those vital tenths of a second. This makes driver training an exact science, pin pointing areas that need to be improved.

The overlaying of onboard video against yourself or a track instructor is an incredibly visual tool, making it very easy to not only see racing lines, but also corner entry and exit speed, using the digital mph display on the video. This combined with the Video Vbox microphone carefully placed in the engine bay, gives you an accurate point where you are picking up the throttle in the corner, allowing you to see every detail from corner entry to exit.

I believe you get far less out of a race coaching day without any data system onboard, compared to a day using the Video Vbox system.

I am able to supply and fit all Racelogic and Video Vbox products, so please feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing or hiring one.

Below is an example of a Caterham specific Video Vbox along with all the information on what's included, an example screen shot from the Circuit Tools software and a quick start guide video on how to use the programme.


Circuit Tools Software Quick Start Guide



Caterham Specific Video VBOX Lite package + OLED Display

Caterham specific VBox Package


VBox Lite and OLED Display

VBox Lite and OLED Display

Caterham specific VBox Package VBox Lite and OLED Display


Product Description

Video VBOX Lite is a one box solution, incorporating a solid state video recorder, a VBOX 10Hz GPS data-logger and a real time graphic overlay. This combination allows users to carry out detailed driver training and vehicle analysis without the expense and specialised knowledge involved in professional level data-loggers.

Based on the high end Video VBOX, Video VBOX Lite is a more affordable version of what Video VBOX users have called the ultimate track video system. Housed in a rugged plastic box, with a smaller footprint than the Video VBOX Pro, Video VBOX Lite shares many of the same features as the top of the range product.



  • Video VBOX Lite 10Hz GPS data logger and video recorder, incorporating graphical overlay engine and 4 CAN channel logging.
  • OLED Display for predictive laptiming.
  • 1 x 580L Sony HQ1 CCD bullet camera.
  • 1 x 420L Sony 1/3in CCD bullet camera.
  • 1 x Forward facing, 2 part roll cage mount.
  • 1 x Picture in picture roll cage mount.
  • 2 x mono microphones.
  • Microphone splitter cable.
  • Magnetic GPS antenna.
  • Caterham specific power cable.
  • 4GB SD card.
  • Manual and software on CD.


Circuit Tools Software

Circuit tools software screenshot


Racelogic Video Vbox Comparison Chart

Racelogic product comparison chart