Ben Clucas Racing

Spanish GT Championship Albacete June 23rd/24th 2007

After terrific qualifying sessions, only a second place in the second race was a disappointing outcome.


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Team-mate Francisco was unable to attend Friday practise and a couple of mechanical problems made it difficult to gauge ultimate pace. However, fastest time (on old tyres) in the second session was promising.

Qualifying went really well. Ben was pole, clear of the field by over a second in the his session and Francisco second - but only 2 thousands off pole in his. Given Francisco's lack of practise it was a terrific - if a bit frustrating - result.

The first race started well enough, Ben maintaining his lead position for the first 5 laps. Then disaster struck. In an overly optimistic overtaking attempt, Morgan Traffort who was running 2nd hit the number 37 car's rear, pitching Ben into the gravel and ending both car's races on the spot.

The second race didn't start much better, incidents on the first few laps dropping the car down into 12th place. Francisco then maintained a good pace to pick up a couple of places before the driver changeover on lap 13. Ben took over in tenth and with good car speed and some nice overtaking manoeuvres was able to get back up to 2nd by the flag. It was a good result under the circumstances

"Given our strong qualifying and good pace to end up with just one 2nd place from the weekend was a bit frustrating. However it was a good fightback in race 2 and given the car speed we seem to have we should be able to fight for more wins at the next rounds."


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