Hello I'm Ben Clucas, welcome to my website.

Ben Clucas Here you can find up-to-date news on all my race results throughout the year, as well as my race history, contact details, and information on all my sponsors.

Last year I raced in selected rounds of the Endurance GT VdeV championship for Escuela Espaņola de Pilotos.

This year I am again racing selected races for Escuela Espaņola de Pilotos in VdeV, racing a Mosler MT 900, the 7th year I have raced for the team. I am also racing selected rounds of the Aston Martin Challenge for British team Track Club.

If you are interested in driver tuition, race coaching or track instruction then please have a look at the race coaching section of this website, and feel free to get in touch via the contacts page.

I hope you find what you are looking for, and if you are ever at a race meeting during the year come and say hello.